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Latest Info On Drug Testing In The Tech Industry

There have been many advancements in the last few years in regard to drug testing. In fact, the tech industry has been a large player in this development. The ability to administer tests using electronic tools that can take measurements rapidly is making it easier for people to determine what type of drugs have been used. In the past, many tests would have to be processed in a lab. However, similar to a breathalyzer that can measure a person’s alcohol content within seconds, this technology for drugs is on the way.

Industries That Are Going To Benefit From This Type Of Testing

Drug testing has become synonymous with getting a job. There are some employers that will require this to occur. If you work for the government, the healthcare industry, or in the manufacturing industry, regular testing may be mandated. At the very least, you must take a test when you are going to be employed for a construction company, aerospace company, and for private security firms. The use of high-tech drug testing tools can speed up the process by which people are able to become employed.

Drug Testing

What Advancements Have Been Made

Part of these advancements involves the testing of hair. When drugs pass through your system, which can happen in as little as 24 hours, there is no way to measure it in your blood or urine. However, it is possible to measure the hair follicles of an individual to show what type of toxicity is there. This can build up for many weeks, or even many months, and there are new tests that can process this information very quickly. These types of tests, and many others, are streamlining the process by which companies are able to hire and maintain their employees. Finally, they are also developing a sweat based drug test. This will likely be used on a large scale. As high-tech companies see the potential profits in investing in this technology, they stand to gain millions of dollars and also help employers worldwide hire people at a much more rapid pace.

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