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Macujo and old style aloe toxin rid shampoo for hair detox treatment

Many companies make drug tests mandatory for their employees, which means if you want to work in a company, you must give the drug test. There are different types of tests, like urine tests, mouth swab tests, and hair tests. Urine tests and saliva tests have some limitations like it can’t detect drug use before the two weeks. Not all the drugs will stay in your body for weeks; some of them get out of your body in just hours. So you have to research what drugs you take and how long it will remain in your body. Hair follicle test scares many people because it can detect any past drug use in the past 110 days. It is high chances that drug particles will stay in hair follicles a longer time than the urine. But don’t worry, there are other options than shaving your body hair. We are going to discuss this method with you. Macujo or mac method is one such method. When you intake or smoke any drugs, those drug particles are dissolved in your blood, and later they travel to the other part of the body like saliva, urine, and hair. Shampoos like zydot and old style aloe toxin rid shampoo remove the THC metabolites stored in your hair.
The mac or macujo method is efficient than the jerry g hair detox method. In the macujo method, we don’t do bleaching and dying of hair. There are some home remedies like the use of lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar for toxin removal. I never try any home remedies for hair toxin removal. I know many people use it, but currently, i am not using any home remedies. I might use them if i found out any effective method other than macujo and jerry g, then i will share it with you. Till then, we have to rely on the mac method and jerry g method.
Here is the list of all the items that you need for macujo.

macujo method
Rubber gloves: During the preparation of this method, we are using some chemicals. The rubber glove will protect our hands from such chemicals.
Shower cap – it will protect our hair from getting wet.
Clean and clear deep cleansing- this product has salicylic acid, which will remove chemicals from our hair.
Vinegar and tide detergent: You can easily find tide detergent and good quality vinegar in your nearby store.
Hair follicle shampoo: Here is prefer to use zydot ultra clean and old style aloe rid shampoo. The succes of this method depends on these two shampoos. So my humble advice is to do not replace these shampoo with any other low-quality shampoo. I repeat, it is essential to use aloe rid shampoo and zydot shampoo.
Okay, once you have all the items, you are ready to do a drug detox.
Before moving to the method, you first need to promise yourself that you will not do smoking and vaping activities.
First, wash your hair with warm water, then use vinegar on your hair; after that, massage your hair with Clean&clear and wait for one hour.
Then again, wash your hair with warm water. The next step is use aloe rid shampoo to wash your hair. Now wash your hair with tide detergent. The final step is to use zydot shampoo.
Repeat all these steps three times, i do this process seven times before going to the actual test. I am very much sure that if you do this 7times, then your test will be negative.

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