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Powdered urine usage: How accurate is a urine drug test in the tech industry.

Like everything in the universe, nothing can be perfect, or 100 percent correct similarly, no test is cent percent accurate. Likewise goes for a urine drug test as well. In this review, we will discuss the accuracy of the famous urine drug test.  Urine testing is one of the most common sample types of drug tests used for testing by employers. What we need to understand is that a urine drug test will reveal the presence of the drug in the body even after its effects have worn off.

Most of these testing methods are more or less accurate. Accuracy is a very relative term, and broadly, hair tests and blood tests are the most accurate testing methods available. However, they are relatively expensive, so they are not so popular. Urine tests, on the other hand, are more commonly administered because of their low costs. But they tend to be a little more prone to errors. 

drug test in tech industry

The drug test accuracy depends on several factors such as the type of test, the substance under test for, the length of time since last use, and the presence of legally prescribed medications in the body. 

Positive results have an error margin of 10 percent, and negative results can have an error margin of 15 percent. 

Testing is most accurate within a particular timeframe known as the “detection window”. This window varies from one substance to another. Alcohol is eliminated from the body within a matter of hours, while residual traces of other substances, such as marijuana can be detected for 15 to 30 days. 

Accuracy and Reliability of Drug Tests

Drug testing can be extremely misleading sometimes. The accuracy depends on various factors. Commonly used medications or products can cause false-positive results, including allergy medicines, diet pills, and even certain antidepressants. It would be best if you informed the doctor of any such medication. 

The urine drug test is widely conducted in the tech industry. I see many employees are scared of the urine drug test. If you don’t take any drugs, then you don’t have to be scared of the urine test. There are various detox products like powdered urine, synthetic urine, and toxin rid detox program that will help you clear the drug test. In this case, we specifically talked about the urine drug test. Products like powdered urine and synthetic urine are the best detox products that will help you prepare for the test. Test clear urine drug detox kit that includes drug-free powdered urine and air-activated heater.

The accuracy of drug testing results also depends on how strictly the specimen was collected. Urine samples are collected at a temperature between 96 and 99 degrees. Else, it might be possible that the sample is contaminated. The urine samples can also be adulterated, diluted, or replaced. One of the most common methods of cheating drug tests is to borrow clean urine from a sober person. Recently, synthetic urine or powdered urine is also being used to fake the test. 

Substances take some time to be metabolized in the body and appear in the urine test. The urine drug test needs to be conducted within that time rame else the results will not indicate the substances present in the system of the user. That is one of the reasons why random drug tests of subjects might fail sometimes. However, it does not allow the subject to abstain from using drugs and producing a negative result on the drug test.  That is why it is becoming a common practice, as well. 


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